Check your Eligibility for study in UK


The UK is home to nearly 400 universities and colleges offering more than 50,000 programmes for undergraduate and higher studies. Courses can be completed in less time in the UK as compared to other countries and hence The UK has emerged as the most preferable education destination as the cost of living is relatively lower compared to the US. Within the UK, Nottingham is home to a great number of international students owing to its reasonable living standards and the presence of a student-friendly atmosphere. Brighton, Bournemouth, Cardiff, and Southampton are also worth considering if you wish to study in the presence of marine beauty. UK enjoys a strong global position in the high number of multinational organisations as well as new age startups. London, the capital of UK, is a strong global city thus giving students exposure to people from all walks of life.

What types of Courses CAN BE STUDIED in UK?

  • Postgraduate Certificate & Diploma
  • Vocational Training
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Masters Degree
  • Ph.D
  • MBA-All Specialisations (Duration 1 year)
  • Masters of Philosophy (M.phil)
  • Professional (DBA, D.Ed, D Clinical Psychology)


  • Work for up to 20 Hours per week & up to 40 Hours per week during Holidays
  • Unlimited Hours for on campus work
  • Full time work Permit for spouse (Only on Masters Programme)
  • Up to 2 years stay back post successful completion of studies
  • Up to 3 years stay back for Ph.D

Check your Eligibility for study in UK


The UK is one of the most popular abroad education option among students for their higher education because the education system in UK focuses on practical  hands on learning that is supplemented by in-depth theoretical studies. Students are encouraged to conduct extensive research and come up with presentations of their learnings. A full-time Bachelors degree in the UK is usually around 3 years. while on the other had a full-time Masters course will take 1-2 years to complete; however, some courses may culminate within a year. Part-time courses in the UK take close to three years to complete.

Below are some of the most popular courses students opt for their Bachelors and Masters degrees.

BACHELOR courses in uk

  1. Bachelors in Architecture & Interior designing
  2. Bachelors in Business Management
  3. Bachelors in Engineering & Technology
  4. Bachelors in Computer Science
  5. Bachelors in Medicine & Health Science
  6. Bachelors in Creative Arts & Digital Media
  7. Bachelors in Social science & Mass media
  8. Bachelors in International Law
  9. Bachelors in English Literature and History
  10. Bachelors in Film Making
  11. Bachelors in Broadcasting


  1. Masters in Business Administration
  2. Masters in Physiotherapy
  3. Masters in Computer Science
  4. Masters in Data Science
  5. Masters in Engineering Management
  6. Masters in Automobile Engineering
  7. Masters in Mechatronics
  8. Masters in Philosophy
  9. MFA (Master in Fine Arts)
  10. LLM (Master in Laws)
  11. Arch (Master in Architecture)


The most crucial aspect of your UK education is to shortlist universities based on your course preference. It is always good to shortlist at least 10 universities so you have a mix of ambitious and safe schools.  You may want to compare the course structure, rankings, faculty members, tuition fees, and location of each university.

Eligibility criteria & application process

General Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor’s in the UK:

  1. Universities require students to have secured close to 60% to 85% marks or above in their 10th and 12th standards or equivalent
  2. IELTS Overall Band Score of 6.5 is mandatory (with each skill score being more than 5)

General Eligibility Criteria for Masters in the UK

  1. UK universities prefer students who have scored 60% to 75% in their Bachelors program at a mainstream university in their home country or equivalent
  2. IELTS Band Score of 6.5 is mandatory (with each skill score being more than 5.5)
  3. GMAT & GRE score can be necessary in certain universities
  4. For MBA enrolments, 1-2 years of relevant job experience
  5. For Executive MBA: 4 Years relevant job Experience
  6. Students who do not meet min. qualifications can enrol in Pre-Masters or Pathway & Foundation Courses to fast track their eligibility
  7. Distance & Open Learning students are also eligible to apply
  • All applications for Bachelors degrees in the UK are made through the UCAS–the country’s own Universities and Colleges Admissions Service and the application deadlines may vary as per the university and course you select.
  • You are supposed to register through UCAS and then apply to the five programmes (at the same university or different universities).
  • Tests like the UCAT, BMAT, and LNAT may be needed for specialised courses.
  • Students aspiring to study for a Masters degree or PhD in the UK can apply to colleges directly.
  • It is especially important to note deadlines before applying and submit your application a month before the deadline
  • If unsure or doubtful, always send an email to the university to reconfirm application details.

Depending on the type of Course, the costs range from £10,000 to £25,000.

A Bachelors course ranges from £10,000 to £12,000 a year while a Masters course would be around £15,000 for international students.

When you begin your UK application process it is pertinent to have a checklist of documents as mentioned below:

1. Your photo identity proof
2. National identification card
3. Letters of reference or recommendations
4. English proficiency test IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE Certifications (not more than 2 years old)
5. Passport copy
6. Birth Certificate
7. Copies of degree/diploma certificates
8. Academic transcripts
9. A Statement of purpose
10. Other essays

Total credit requirements for Bachelors in the UK:

A total of 300 credits are pertinent if you wish to secure a bachelor’s degree in the UK.

Total credit requirements for Masters in the UK:

A total of 180 credits are pertinent if you wish to secure a bachelor’s degree in the UK.


Check your Eligibility for study in UK

UK student visa process

You have to apply for a UK student visa only after you receive an offer letter from the university. Applying for a UK student visa can be a tricky process but as the best UK student visa consultants in the country, we guide students efficiently through all the steps of the visa process.

Steps for UK student visa

  • Get your finances in order as a financial statement is important for the visa process
  • Opt for UK health insurance as it is pertinent in the UK
  • Then apply for your student visa on the official government portal by submitting copies of your passport, your course offer letter, qualification certificates, English Language Test, Financial Statements etc.
  • (Please note: Parent consent letter is mandatory for students below 17 years of age applying for a student visa in the UK.)
  • Once you receive your student visa you may want to research accommodation options in the UK before you go there. You can search on portals like or


After your course, you can take the Graduate Visa Route. A Graduate Visa is a temporary visa given to international students so that they can live, study, look for employment and work in the UK after finishing their studies for up to two years. A student who wishes to apply for a Graduate Visa must have completed his/her undergraduate or master’s degree in the UK.

You can use the Graduate Visa to take up an internship, freelance work, or permanent employment in the UK. Also, there is no minimum salary requirement. After you have found a stable job, you can avail the opportunity to switch to Skilled Work Visa in the UK. The average salary for UK graduates is around £24,000.


Check your Eligibility for study in UK


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